Wisdom Teeth

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No one who visits the dentist wants to hear they have to lose a tooth, but sometimes, tooth extraction protects your smile. The most often removed teeth are the third molars, often called wisdom teeth. In some cases, wisdom teeth may grow in completely (fully erupted), may be positioned incorrectly, and  sometimes are unable to be cleaned with daily hygiene practices. Many times the third molars in the very rear of your mouth, don’t have room to grow properly, or are misaligned and can cause problems down the line.

Oral surgery to remove wisdom teeth is considered standard practice these days. But the decision to remove them is hardly one that’s taken lightly, even if having wisdom teeth extracted is almost a rite of passage for young adults. It’s a decision made by you and the doctor after carefully considering many factors, and always with the long-term oral health of the patient in mind. If your dentist recommends wisdom teeth removal, his recommendation can be based on several different reasons.