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Hi, I am the dental hygienist here at Dr. Blum. Last week I took 5 days off till yesterday for vacation time. Well, Time off did not work out as planned, I had to cancel reservations due to a small illness, and then due to rain where I was going, so we decided to vacation at home. It was the best time, I then thought about how could I make that time useful, and did a little of everything the kids and husband likes to do, either riding bike, pool time, games and movies. The funny thing was, people would call me and ask me how is your vacation “fake vacation” going? It was kind of upsetting to hear that, because then you see where the values are, instead of family values.

I tell you something, I had the best time, I rested, I played with the kids, we prayed and bible study together, we had mom over from the nursing home for the holiday, and ate the best home cooked food. And the most rewarding time was last night, when my daughter said: Mom, I had the best times these days with all of us together. And that’s what matter the most, not a fancy vacation. Quality family times are very important!


7800 W. Oakland Park Blvd. #301

Sunrise, Florida 33351

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