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Oral ID

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras allow you to view the dental conditions in your mouth. It’s much easier to understand what’s happening in your mouth when you can see it with your own eyes on a computer monitor screen. The images we produce from our camera allow us to email them to specialists for referral, to insurance companies for pre-estimates and reimbursement and to keep in your personal records.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are an excellent diagnostic tool. They provide a great benefit to the patient and the dental practice. The digital image allows the dentist to see different views of the teeth. The image can be then magnified on the computer monitor screen so more detail can be reviewed. The digital image can be emailed to specialists for referral, to insurance companies for pre-estimates and reimbursements. Although the image is taken the same way as a traditional x-ray, the development time is instant. Digital x-rays decrease radiation to the patient by 75-80%.

digital xrays

Cerec Same Day Porcelain Crowns

Technology is changing rapidly in dental field. One change is to make crowns without metal, just like we make fillings without metal.

In many cases our office provides porcelain crowns and fillings for improved cosmetics without the need to give up the strength of the restoration. In many cases there is the added benefit of avoiding allergic reactions, especially on women with metal allergies. Many people are allergic to nickel or other metals. One can tell if they have such an allergy if they can’t wear certain metal jewelry.

As an added benefit we can now make many of these restorations in our office and provide same day or shorter turn around time. It is called Cerec Technology.

It is a new technology which we recently incorporated into the office. It is a different way to make all porcelain crowns that can be done in one day most of the time. It also allows in many cases, the ability to avoid taking an impression. The technology uses a camera to take the impression.

Educational Software

Having a thorough understanding of the dental procedures we perform allows our patients to make informed decisions about their treatment. Our educational interactive system is a state-of-the-art- multimedia software that helps us educate patients in a clear, concise manner. It has a wide array of modules on a variety of cosmetic and general dental topics. We customize the modules each patient views depending on their dental needs and interests. We can even make you a disk upon request, in which you can review at home on your computer.



More and more patients place value on healthy and attractive teeth. In order to maintain them, the earliest possible care is essential. DIAGNOdent aids in the detection of caries. Caries is a progressive destruction of any kind of bone structure, including teeth. Even very small lesions are detected by the DIAGNOdent at the earliest stage, enabling you to protect and preserve the tooth substance.


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