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Ever wonder how you could straighten your teeth?

$800 OFF INVISALIGN If you ever wondered how you can straighten your teeth without braces, now is the time to take advantage of this limited time special: $800 OFF INVISALIGN Offer expires: 04/01/2018 * Some restrictions apply Invisalign can straighten your teeth without the need for braces. Schedule an appointment and we will show you

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Oral Cancer Screening

For the month of December to promote oral Health we are doing free oral cancer screening using our technology. It is call oral ID  an it uses light to try and detect cancer . Just Ask us and we will do it for you. Happy Holidays!!

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With only a few hours of wear per day – our new special bleaching agent bubbles the stains right out in a short time. The Holidays are near treat yourself with a beautiful smile for the new year.

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Care Enough to Share

A Care to Share Card is a $50.00 referral card that a current patient can give to their friends, family, co-workers and anyone else as an invitation to make an appointment. The existing patient gets $50.00 on there account and the patient they refer to us also gets $50.00. Call us today for your appointment.

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Dental insurance

Please remember if you don’t use your dental insurance you will loose it by the end of the year, it’s like giving away money, so come in for your dental procedures and check ups.

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  When it comes to orthodontic treatment methods, two of the most popular orthodontic appliances used today are conventional braces and  invisalign. While both of these treatment methods work in the same basic way by applying consistent pressure to the teeth to move the teeth into the desired position. braces and Invisalign can help you decide which

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Dental Insurance

Remember, when you buy a plan you and your employer are paying some premium – upfront dollars – that are wasted if you don’t see your dentist. Many insurance companies have a benefit deadline of December 31, and this means that any of your unused benefits don’t roll over into the New Year for most

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